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Convivial Cats is broadening its horizons and we are going to be providing boarding for your rabbits and guinea pigs.

We have 6 professionally made double hutches, available to accommodate your pets. Each hutch has its own individual play area, via a ramp.


Single Rabbit / Guinea Pig . . . £8.00 per day
Two Rabbits / Guinea Pigs Sharing a Hutch . . . £10.00 per day
3rd or 4th Rabbits or Guinea Pigs sharing the same hutch . . . £3.90 per day


All payments are due on day of boarding, cash or cheque accepted only. Please note we DO NOT except credit cards.

For more information or to have a look around please feel free to come and see us between 9.30 - 11.00 am Mon- Sat. If you wish to contact us please use the Cattery phone number or email address printed on our website.

You will need to provide all your own Hay / Straw, (Food and Fresh veg which we can keep in the fridge), that way your rabbits or guinea pigs diet is not changed so it does not upset them while they are staying with us.

Please Note

When boarding with us your rabbit must be vaccinated against:

  • VHD
  • Myxomatosis :- twice yearly (every 6 months)

A valid certificate must be produced on the day of boarding or your rabbit cannot be accepted for boarding.

Owners will be responsible for costs incurred for veterinary visits or treatment and must be paid in full on the days of collection. Plus a £15.00 charge from the cattery for time spent at the vets with your rabbit or guinea pig.

If no contact has been established between the staff and yourself after 7 days after the due collection date, we reserve the right to take action deemed fit in respect of your pets welfare.

Give us a call today for further information on our services.

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